I am a Creative Director with 20+ years experience in marketing and print design: from high-end creative concepts and international advertising to corporate identity and brand development. 'Creative Direction' champions the intersection where 'Art Direction' and 'Design' meet 'Strategy', making well-informed decisions amongst tough choices with its primary concern in making sure to always support the client’s bottom line.

In the summer of 2017, after living for 12 years on the Northshore of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands, and 14 years in New York City, I decided to move to Germany, where I grew up originally, to continue my creative work with new projects and challenges. In addition, I am working on a book about my 26 years experience in the US, from when I finished my studies (Visual Communication) in Germany, then moved to New York City (on a Fulbright Scholarship) to finish my Masters in Media Studies, followed by International work experience as Artist, Sr. Art Director and Designer … and returned to Europe 26 years later. I am very excited about this project, but also look out to connect with other 'Creatives', ready for new adventures and new design challenges.

Over time, I came to understand that the successful philosophy in art and business is to share resources, to collaborate with other talents, and to contribute to the overall success of a project through synergy of vision, as well as innovation: to create something new and sometimes unexpected within the process. I am as passionate about my work as ever: my design work, my artwork, my writing. Life is good. ~ Aloha.


Marketing starts from the Inside out. To create a "brand" for a company - is to create their image; and to promote that image with campaigns and visuals. 

Branding, is about much more than just a logo. dolceVita Creative are experts at creating complete identities that are engaging, exciting and memorable.
Any new or updated brand design is highly flexible and well-considered. [link]

Creativity, Quality Graphic Design and Corporate Identity have always been important factors in reputation building and communications.

dolceVita Creative specializes in design solutions, creatively integrating all aspects of visual communication: marrying great ideas with solid execution. We help you reach your audience and bring your vision to life. [link]


Visit Anolani.com, my Online Gallery and Web Store. I am offering digital fine art prints in limited editions or thematic series on a variety of substrates.

Contemporary artwork that incorporates nostalgic elements of Hawaiian history, surf culture, and inspiring text-image compositions. These unique compositions will transform  any space into a sanctuary of spiritual comfort and wellness. [link]