I am a Creative Director and Designer with 20+ years experience in marketing and print design, from high-end creative concepts and international advertising to corporate identity and brand development. 

After 12 years on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands, and 14 years in Manhattan/New York City, I decided to move to Europe in the summer of 2017. I will be working on a book about my 26 years experience in the US, from when I finished my studies (Visual Communication) in Germany, then moved to New York City (on a Fulbright Scholarship) to finish my Masters in Media Studies, international work experience as Artist, Sr. Art Director and Designer … now returning to Europe 26 years later. It will be a good and colourful story. I am excited.

I am as passionate about my work as ever; my design work, my artwork, my writing, and now I am ready for new adventures and new challenges. ~ Over time, I came to understand that the successful philosophy in art and business is to share resources; to collaborate with other talents; and to contribute to the overall success of a project through synergy of vision, as well as innovation, to create something new and sometimes unexpected within the process. Life is good. ~  Aloha.


Marketing starts from the Inside out. To create a "brand" for a company - is to create their image; and to promote that image with campaigns and visuals. 

Branding, is about much more than just a logo. dolceVita Creative are experts at creating complete identities that are engaging, exciting and memorable.
Any new or updated brand design is highly flexible and well-considered.

Creativity, Quality Graphic Design and Corporate Identity have always been important factors in reputation building and communications.

dolceVita Creative specializes in design solutions, creatively integrating all aspects of visual communication: marrying great ideas with solid execution. We help you reach your audience and bring your vision to life. [link]


Visit Anolani.com, my Online Gallery and Web Store. I am offering digital fine art prints in limited editions or thematic series on a variety of substrates.

Contemporary artwork that incorporates nostalgic elements of Hawaiian history, surf culture, and inspiring text-image compositions. These unique compositions will transform  any space into a sanctuary of spiritual comfort and wellness. [link]