Brand Development

Marketing starts from the inside out. To create a 'brand' for a company is to create their image, and to promote that image with campaigns and visuals. Brand development and management is the cohesive and consistent application of marketing to a specific product or identity over time. While effective branding presents to the target audience the impression of reliability, it is its development which fosters the positive emotional attachment and inspires faith in the brand promise, and generates a loyal following.  We can help with design, strategy, guidelines and more. Branding is about more than just a logo. We are experts at creating complete identities that are engaging, exciting and memorable for your customers. We want to ensure any new or updated brand design is highly flexible and well-considered. This means our designs offer a great return on investment, being robust enough to give you many years of successful use.

To be effective, that promise must be clearly understood, engaging and offering a solution to the target audience’s wants and needs, as well as maintaining a truthful and authentic representation, that will eventually generate the much needed credibility. An effective brand strategy creates a unique opportunity that will foster the company's position in the marketplace, and pair it with the quality of their services or product line. The brand must include the versatility to transcend all formats and still transmit the same essential values and components of the developed identity.

We offer the complete portfolio of services to ensure our designs will work in the real world. From initial concept to brand manual creation, we'll work in partnership with you, valuing your voice and acting on your feedback. This ensures we develop an identity that really works for your business. Branding is a key business tool; this means we aim to use our creativity and experience to provide brand development that deliver you real results. From new ventures to rebranding projects, we use competitor research and testing to create effective brand developments.

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~ Sample selection below: Coco Palms Branding Concept ~

As Sr. Art Director and leading designer on "The Rebirth of Coco Palms" for InfoGrafik (Honolulu), Harald-M. Lehnardt developed a unique visual language that translated well
throughout an array of applications. He has won several Pele Awards for this project..

Coco Palms is a legendary resort that, for nearly 40 years, welcomed guests from throughout the islands and around the world, bringing everyone together with great aloha.  From this aloha, a unique and wonderful community thrived for many years. It was the oldest hotel on the Garden Isle of Kaua`i, and was the world's most famous Polynesian resort. Elvis Presley filmed the finale of his film "Blue Hawaii" there in 1961, immortalizing its lush coconut groves and picturesque lagoons. When Hurricane Iniki struck in September 1992, the Coco Palms was shut down indefinitely as repairs proved too costly and the entire island struggled with recession. With its historical lagoons, magical coconut grove and sacred grounds, Coco Palms provides a wonderful setting for a development commensurate with the lifestyle and beauty of Kauai, and it beckoned to be brought back to life. In 2006, Coco Palms Ventures, a group headed by Maryland-based developer Phillip Ross, bought the resort for $12 million. The property includes 16.4 acres on Kuhio Highway, and the 17-acre coconut grove, which is leased from the state. Coco Palms Ventures intended to invest $220 million to build 200 condos, 104 hotel rooms and 48 bungalows.

~ Sample selection below: Brazilian Showroom Branding Development ~

Brazilian Show Room Hawaii, a local retail company specializing in bikinis and swimsuits from Brazil, is expanding its business beyond its Honolulu space
with store openings in Haleiwa's NorthShore Market Place and Kailua Town Center.

~ Sample selection below: Kona Joe Coffee Branding Process ~


As Sr. Art Director and leading designer on the Branding Strategy of 'Kona Joe Coffee' for InfoGrafik (Honolulu), Harald-M. Lehnardt worked on the preliminary design exploration for the new brand identity and retail environment experience. In addition, he contributed with research, case study and designed the look and feel of the company’s visual identity and branded coffee product line.

Kona Joe Coffee uses the same principles as the world’s finest wine producers to cultivate our award-winning "Kona Joe Trellised Coffee," according to the owners of the 20-acre estate in
Kona’s verdant Kainaliu Region. "This exceptional coffee is the premium ‘grand cru’ of Kona coffees." The unique cultivation process has attracted international attention and
recognition among leading coffee trade professionals.

~ Sample selection below: Applied Brilliance Brand Development ~

The Center for Applied Brilliance is a thought-leadership advisory group that promotes creativity and innovation through systems-thinking solutions.  The annual conferences across the Unites States
 are created as a non-commercial collaboration among attendees, speakers and sponsoring partners, and they are designed to raise the level of creativity, innovation and applied intelligence
for creative, marketing and design professionals.

~ Sample selection below: Dillingham Ranch Brand Development  ~

Branding + Identity Development for Dillingham Ranch, a historic property is one of Hawaii’s finest venues. 
 on the NorthShore of the beautiful island of O'ahu, this romantic destination is a place of renewal, nurture and love. 

~ Sample selection below: Naked Cow Dairy Brand Development ~

Branding + Identity Development for Naked Cow Dairy, a small dairy farm and creamery on the beautiful island of O'ahu, specializing in farmstead & artisan cheese and butter!

Our brand development services can help your business in a number of ways.

  • setting you apart – we create brands that are unique and easily recognisable to your customers.
  • making you memorable – we make sure your brand is memorable, giving you an edge in your marketplace.
  • giving you the right tools – we ensure your brand is your key selling tool.
  • value for money – our work with branding is strategic and considered. We create timeless designs that you won't outgrow.
  • helping you achieve your aims – your branding will be designed with your long-term business aims in mind.

Based on the themes, symbols, texture and iconographic imagery explored through our research we will look into a range of appropriate visual identity explorations. Upon initial concepts we will produce a preliminary presentation which will present our strongest interpretations of the refined identity. These concepts will be presented to the client for input, guidance, and approval. 

Whether you're a new business, an established organisation or company looking for a brand development, we’ll be glad to offer our expertise and assistance. There's no limit to what we can create. Please contact us today.